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Go For Gold Ceilings in a Trump-Owned Tower For $10M

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There are times when an abundance of shiny, shiny gold in a design scheme is truly mind-boggling, like in an Ikea showroom or out in the California desert. Other times, it pops up in a Trump-owned luxury residential tower on Park Avenue, and sunrise, sunset, world keep on turnin', all is as it should be in the universe. Which isn't to say that the glut of gold leaf covering the ornately carved ceiling in this apartment makes any sense, or is anything approaching tasteful, but it's certainly in the right place, below a penthouse that hopped on and off the market for years asking upwards of $50M. Aside from "coffered ceilings with 22-carat gold leaf gilding on the beautifully patterned beams and an elegant Parquet de Versailles floor of solid white oak," this 2,178-square-foot two-bedroom has a jarringly modern, rather morbid-looking kitchen and a consummately crimson king's quarters on the wrong side of sumptuous, all for the low low price of $10M. Check it out below:

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