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Prague's Communist-Era Tower Houses a $900/Night Hotel

Perhaps the most recognizable building in Prague, Czech Republic thanks to its 230-foot height, brutalist Communist-era design, and small army of creepy crawling baby statues, the totally bizarre Žižkov Television Tower was built in 1985 by structural engineers Václav Aulický and Jiří Kozák. Generally hated by locals—though, as Gizmodo points out, "residents in the Communist-ruled country were not formally allowed to criticize the structure"—the aggressive hotel now houses the One Room Hotel, which costs a steep $900/night, but boasts the only view of the city not marred by the tower. Inside, the decor is nowhere near as severe, instead opting for modern, rather basic furnishing that lets the insane views shine. Gizmodo—apparently hell-bent on getting in on the Hotels Week game—has the full gallery.

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