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11 Unexpected Trends All Hip Hotels Are Trying These Days

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While hotels often try to market themselves in a certain, specific way—whether that be as a hipster-centric boutique hotel, a sleek, modern haven, or an Alpine resort—certain omnipresent design fads seem to transcend category and pop up over and over again, both at established, trend-setter spots—including the Ace Hotel, The Standard, and The Jane—as well as lesser-known properties. Some trends are fun, some puzzling, and some are just offensive enough to make decidedly non-trendy lodging look tempting. Take a peek, below:

Chalkboards ↓:

Whether it be an entire accent wall or a single scrawled message in the lobby, chalkboards are practically ubiquitous, at this point. Blame Pinterest.

Sassy typography art ↓:

Large-scale murals inscribed with affirmations, random musings, and the occasional insult have also become a hotel staple.

Slightly eerie sculptures ↓:

Turns out, a giant foot in the bathroom and a nest of ropes hanging from the ceiling are both surefire indicators of a hotel's trendiness.

Raw concrete ↓:

Raw concrete material—once found only in the dingiest of motels—seems to finally be having its moment.

Tribal prints. So. Many. Tribal prints. ↓:

Once one hotel neatly folded an Aztec blanket at the foot of the bed, every other hotel on the planet followed suit.

Bunk beds ↓:

Chic hotels around the globe are installing bunk beds both as means of invoking that nostalgic summer camp feel, and as an experiment to see just much they can charge for two cramped twin beds.

Toys and stuffed animals ↓:

If bunk beds don't bring out the kid in guests, these rooms stuffed to the gills with toys will probably do the trick.

Indoor tents, teepees, and hammocks ↓:

Just as the art of glamping helps people to stay in a hotel suite while they camp, these trendy rooms that bring outdoor camping supplies inside essentially let people camp while they stay in a hotel suite. Once again, the number of solutions for people who only sort of like camping is astounding.

Art made from weirdo stuff ↓:

Everything from floppy disks to old paint stirs can be transformed into art worthy of a spot at a chic hotel.

Not so private bathtubs ↓:

Discretion be damned!

Blood splatter decor ↓:

Please oh please don't let this catch on anymore than it has.

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