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Rent Olympian Bode Miller's Yacht for $3K a Night

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How does shelling out $3K a night to stay on an Olympic gold medalist's yacht sound? Considering that English billionaire Richard Branson's redoubtable catamaran is asking for an $110K weekly charter rate, and the somewhat disappointing Wolf of Wallstreet yacht wants $125K, not so bad, yeah? Über-decorated Alpine ski racer Bode Miller bought the boat in 2010 and lived on it for a spell with his wife, pro volleyballer Morgan Beck, while fixing it up, only to try and sell it last year. The Amadeus, as it's known, re-emerged in its current state on Wednesday, when Beck tweeted the Airbnb listing with the caption "My boat is finished and ready for some fun!" Up to 12 people at a time can take over ol' 'deus, and have at the two bunk rooms, three master bedrooms, upper-deck hot tub, dingy, sea-doo, and all the amenities that San Diego's Marriott Marina has to offer.

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