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Step Inside London's Terrifically Over-the-Top Blakes Hotel

Location: London, England
Hotel Name: Blakes London
The Skinny: Founded in 1978, Blakes London claims the title of "the world's first luxury boutique hotel." Whether that's true or not, there's no disputing that this over-the-top hotel from designer Anouska Hempel revels in its theatrical gestures and dramatic flourishes. From the opium den-themed Chinese Room bar, to the rooms that borrow liberally from Thai, Indonesian, and Egyptian décor, to the 18th-century cottage with its unique suites, Blakes has something for pretty much anyone's taste. The center attraction of the hotel is the collection of five Signature Suites, which take their design cues from such diverse sources as a gentleman's club, a Venetian palazzo, and a French Provencal chateau (a suite which was named Sexiest Bedroom in the World last year by the arbiters of boutique hotel style, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). The hotel is an attraction in itself, but the South Kensington location is not too shabby, either, with all the sights of West London just a tube ride away.

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