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Inside the Quirky Abode of Apartment Therapy's Founder

New York magazine recently took a turn around the new Manhattan pad of Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, unveiling photos of a strange little dwelling filled with a bunch of strange little decorations: a knitted handsaw pillow here, a chunk of Christmas lights on the floor there. In the living room alone there are "islands of bright-pink carpet" splotched with sheepskin throws and a rotary phone on the floor as a centerpiece. Of course, the magazine doesn't really talk about any of that stuff, opting to instead pick up on the soft, normal aspects of the apartment, pointing out the "soothing palette of soft-wheat and mushroom" and the Arne Jacobson standing lamps that "add exactly the right amount of light."

New York also spins a yarn about Ryan's dining table, a custom build inspired by a Carl Hansen design he eyed in London. In true Apartment Therapy fashion, Ryan—whose last abode to make its print debut was an equally idiosyncratic Hamptons beach house—made a prototype table of plywood, then "rubbed it down with brown shoe polish." He said he "might keep it as it is."

Do head over to New York magazine for the full story.

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