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How Prodigious London Architects Made All-Beige Not Boring

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Though a house outfitted completely in beige—both inside and out—doesn't exactly inspire a lot of excitement, London firm Atelier ChanChan somehow managed to make this small, color-free home in London into a sleek, interesting dwelling—without falling into the hideous or oddly spooky traps almost all monochrome projects find themselves in. Called the Herringbone Housenamed for the zig-zagging stone facade that mimics a herringbone pattern—the place pairs its neutral color palette with simple, minimal decor and a rich array of different textures, which gives the home a bit of (very, very subdued) spice. A bunch of skylights and a well-placed courtyard add natural light, further making the spread feel like some sort of soothing, otherworldly hideaway. Find a few shots below, then head over to Architizer for the full set.

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