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Enjoy a 'Nerve-Racking' Picnic in This Swaying Treehouse

After flipping through a coffee table book depicting the many sky-high masterpieces made by treehouse overlord Pete Nelson, Denver-based architect Missy Brown shifted her focus away from boring old earth-bound architecture, and instead vowed to try her hand at building glorious, tricked-out tree houses of her own. Her latest effort is this 30-foot-high clubhouse commissioned by a Vail, Colo. family who wanted a space versatile enough to host everything from picnics to sleepover parties.

Mounted on a 90-foot spruce tree, the treehouse is made from pine lumber stacked "like Lincoln Logs," and connected to the trunk by bolts and suspension cables. By design, the entire structure sways with the tree, which Brown describes as "slightly nerve-racking" but fine "if you trust that your tree house designer has engineered it properly." For those who don't mind a little movement, the electricity and heat-equipped fort offers a reading nook, a work station, and small kitchenette—plus two perfectly lovely outdoor terraces rigged with a picnic basket pulley system that ranks right up there with tin-can telephones, in terms of adorableness.

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