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Dreamy Villa With Candy-Colored Accents Wants $13M

When a home looks as picture-perfect as a dollhouse, there's a good chance it might be about as functional as one. Still, one could be forgiven for taking the listing for this villa in the Bahamas at face value—"large and elegant living" in a "perfect state"—purely on the good faith engendered by all of its Easter-colored accents; light green on the shutters and doors, bright orange on the patio, both in similarly candy-ish shades. Built in 1990, the place has 10 bedrooms and 12 baths spread out over 8,500 square feet that feature "stone, clay floors," and "rich wooden cabinetry." There's little else to go on here, aside from the assurance that it's located on "one of the best beaches in the world." Given the bulbous, almost Taj Mahal-like shape of the roof domes, the place is certainly a special snowflake, and at $13M, that uniqueness doesn't come cheap. Here, have a look:

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