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Dick Clark's Flintstones Abode Gets PriceChopped to $3M

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It's a rare thing when 23 acres of prime Malibu bluff real estate—the type of plot that boasts feature-film-quality views of the Pacific Ocean and neighboring Santa Monica mountains—has trouble selling for an ask like $3.5M. But then you see the house and—oh! oh.—it all makes sense. The former home of TV legend Dick Clark, a man who was known to be, err, "young-at-heart" when it came to building his residential whimsies, is unparalleled—unless you look to old cartoons like The Flintstones, where this "imaginative architectural creation" necessarily found inspiration. Oddly enough, despite the fact that the listing "seamlessly marries form, function and nature," with vaulted ceilings and "voluminous interior space," Clark's estate has struggled to unload it. The TV personality listed the place for $3.5M in March 2012, two months before his death. Last February, the spread slashed its price to $3.25M, and this month, two years after the initial list, the Bedrock transplant blipped onto the market again, asking $2.995M. Interested? Photos of the one-bedroom and all its gloriously '60s-style, Stone Agey blobbiness, are below.

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