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Metallic Hut Sits On Top of the World in the Swiss Alps

High in the Valaisan Alps at over 10,600 feet, this metallic hut might just have the most beautiful view in the world. Originally built in 1929 and enlarged several times, the building underwent a complete overhaul in 2013 by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes. The new hut sits between a cliff and a glacier, and the south facade of the building uses solar panels to make maximum use of the alpine sun. The harsh environment made building this beast a massive project, with helicopters flying in most of the floor components, beams, and insulation. This engineering marvel is sleek and modern inside, with 116 total beds divided into bunk-bed style dorms. There's also a professional kitchen and plenty of jaw dropping views, of course. The interior is a bit lean on luxury, but we think the high alpine climbers who frequent the hut don't care much.

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