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All the Highlights from Curbed Ski's 2014 Hotels Week

And so we conclude another Hotels Week; thanks for tuning in! Let's take a look back at some of the highlights:

We updated the Hotel 38, our map of the The 38 Essential Ski Town Hotels.

We provided the definitive guides on where to stay in ski country, whether you want to bring your dog Fido, save a few bucks in budget (but still awesome!) lodging, or be pampered in high altitude spas.

Writer Katie Shapiro dished on where to stay when you want to score first chair, and ski-town expert Laurel Miller provided the low-down on the ultimate free perks at ski hotels across the country.

We know you love to drink, and fortunately there are plenty of ski town hotel bars that keep it rockin' well into morning. And one of our favorite stories mapped out the best hotel lobby bathrooms in the high country. Finally, in a special edition of Splurge vs. Save, we revealed when you should splurge for the 5-star accommodation, and when that value hotel room is a better bet.

Until next time!
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