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Indian Restaurant Lets Patrons Dine Among 'Lucky' Coffins

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These days, adventurous diners of the world have their pick when it comes to truly oddball restaurant decor. Care to take in a meal in a prison bunker? Not a problem. Looking to sit on a real live toilet during dinner? Why, that's available all over the globe! The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India, though, surely offers an experience that's unique to their establishment. Between each of the modest wooden booths, are very real, caged-off, above-ground coffins. According to owner Krishan Kutti, instead of leveling the plot of graveyard land, he and his employees instead decided keep the dozen graves intact as a sign of respect for the dead—even bringing fresh flowers to pay respects. The jade-green coffins are also meant to bring good luck to both the staff and the diners. "Our business has been flourishing," explains Kutti. "It gives people a unique experience." Whether such an extreme form of dining decor moseys its way over to the states remains to be seen, so until check more photos, below:

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