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Enjoy 180-Degree Views in a 45-Degree House for $2.75M

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Because Kendrick Bangs Kellogg helped carry organic architecture into the modern age, let's call his slanted 1988 San Diego home windblown rather than italicized. Despite the dystopian gray exterior, and being set at an angle that's a little too harsh to be very organic-looking, there is a lot of exposed wood hiding under all of that rock, and the lineage to his other work is clear. Kellogg also built Joshua Tree's highly eccentric "Jetsons-meets-Flintstones" house, and as the owner tells the Desert Sun, when he first saw the project site "he was jumping all over the rocks like a mountain goat. He had been looking for rocks to build on." The location of this staggered wonder may not be as inspiringly scenic, but the next owner will have a pretty high profile spot, right on San Diego's Mission Beach Boardwalk. At a current ask of $2.75M—which has been reached after many pricechops and relistings since it first appeared on the market in 2010 for $3.4M—the home has two bedrooms and two baths spread out over 1,254 square feet. Look it over below:

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