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Snake-Like Japanese Home Slithers Through Regular Ol' 'Burb

Located on a narrow, 1,980-square-foot plot of land in an Osaka, Japan suburb, this aptly named House Twisted is designed to make the best of its unfortunate, narrow site by adopting a rather contorted shape of its own. Constructed by Kyoto, Japan-based office Alphaville, the family residence winds its way through surrounding, more traditional homes—which jut into the property at all angles—like some sort of silvery, futuristic snake. Since the slithery home lines up awfully close to its neighbors in certain places, normal windows seemed out of the questions, for privacy reasons. Instead, each of the slanted roof planes are fit with massive skylights.

There are also three glass-door entrances—off the small porch, kitchen, and the courtyard door—which further provide natural light, as well as an exit onto small slices of outdoor yard space. Inside, the all-white home is ludicrously spare, an aesthetic choice the team rather likes, with not a stitch more furniture than a kitchen table, bookshelf, and couch dotting the otherwise bare walls. Still, with its wild shape and stand-out profile, the twisting residence looks to be just one IKEA trip away from being the coolest neighbor on the block.

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