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Unicorn Cats Take Over Whistler Blackcomb Instagram Account

Let's start off the week with a bit of light-hearted fun, shall we? Cue the unicorn cats. Everyone knows park jibbers and riders can be rowdy, but at Whistler Blackcomb they've also been a bit lazy. On March 22 Whistler park crews picked up five bags of trash from the ski slopes. A few days later, Brian Finestone (the man behind the curtain of Whistlerpark's Instagram) posted, "Until people start packing out their trash we are going to only post pictures of unicorn cats. #torture #trashtalk #packitout." It seems Whistler's park rats haven't gotten the "pack it out" message, because for the past week photos of sky-high air have been replaced with caticorns of every shape and size. We've rounded up the the best of the photos (and the trash that started it all) because, well, it's Monday.

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