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What Would You Do at a Slumber Party with Scottie Pippen?

The United Center is running a contest through Airbnb in which one lucky resident of the Chicago area will win a one night stay in a guest suite at the stadium, home of the Bulls and Blackhawks. The package includes VIP tickets to a Bulls-76ers game, a custom jersey, and, most importantly, a one-on-one game against basketball legend Scottie Pippen. All of which begs the question: what would you do at a slumber party with Scottie Pippen?

· Order 100 pizzas and send them to Michael Jordan's house.
· Try to build a pillow fort but give up because Scottie is 6'8" and he won't fit.
· Have a dance-off.
· Watch Space Jam until the grown ups have gone to bed, then watch an R-rated movie.
· Wait for Scottie to fall asleep and dye his hair to look like Dennis Rodman's (any era).

· Have a Slumber Party at the United Center with Scottie Pippen [Curbed Chicago]