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Glittering Metallic Hut in the Alps Blends into the Mountains

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Glistening like a sparkly little mirage in Switzerland's Valaisan Alps, this curious metallic hut houses 116 very lucky alpine climbers at over 10,600 feet. Originally built in 1929, the remote lodge underwent massive renovations in 2013 at the hands of Swiss firm Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes, who centered the structure between a cliff and a glacier, covered it in a sheath of solar panels to harness the alpine sun, and built new, angled walls to prevent heat loss. The inside offers bunk-bed style dorms and a professional kitchen, while from the outside, the slinky, reflective skin causes the entire structure to almost blend in with its epic surroundings. Because of the, oh, somewhat out of the way locale, building the place involved chartering helicopters to fly in most of the flooring, beams, and insulation. Have a look at a few more shots below, then head over to Curbed Ski to see the full gallery of the very cool—if tough to build—hut.

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