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Hippie Heaven Made From Vintage Street Cars Wants $525K

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Rightfully touted as one of the "most unique, eclectic, properties" in Santa Cruz, Calif., this urban farm—which happens to be made from two vintage street cars—just got a $25K PriceChop, bringing the ask down to $525K. Originally cobbled together in 1922—though clearly added on to throughout the years—the 750-square-foot house makes room for one bedroom (converted into two in the listing photos), a narrow kitchen with a wood-burning oven, and a rainbow-painted living area reminiscent of the most psychedelic house on earth. Outside, the brokerbabble-decreed "true mini urban ecovillage," offers a huge oak tree and treehouse, a wee cob house to be used as a "yoga/meditation/playroom," massive rainwater-collecting wine barrels, and all the clucking chickens, fruit trees, and gardens any buyer could ask for. Thanks to its hippie-dippy decor and wealth of barnyard animals, the wild little property clearly isn't for everyone, but still, do have a look:

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