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Marcel Wanders Threw a Crazy Pattern Party in This Apartment

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When asked about his singularly warped, ornate, and maximal aesthetic, Dutch interior and product designer Marcel Wanders once replied: "I don't feel fantasy plays an important role in a lot of design, and I think it should." As far as the fantastic is concerned, Wanders might have outdone himself with this Amsterdam apartment, which he rocked with a patternsplosion and turned into a 24-7 patternalia, rivaling even the fabulously over-the-top look of the lobby he designed for Miami's Mondrian hotel. On one side of the place, a futuristic-looking wall of extruded trapezoids connects a Prada-ish floor and a pristine, flowery ceiling, catty-corner to an enigmatic bulging edifice. In a phrase, the style is 3D-printed far-future Versailles. Check out the rest of this no-holds-barred abode below:

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