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Comcast's New Office is Red and White and Hip All Over

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Mass media and communications company Comcast just opened up a "silicon valley innovation center" (read: fancy new office) in Sunnyvale, Calif. for their research and development branch. Built by San Francisco-based architecture firm Design Blitz—who also transformed the Palo Alto, Calif. Skype office into trendy faux picnic grounds—the 31,000-square-foot office works within a limited palette of red, white, and chrome, which keeps the industrial place feeling uniform.

Red zones are reserved for communal workspace, while the chrome zones signify recreational areas—just in case the scads of foosball and pingpong tables don't do the trick. Massive picture windows keep the space brightly lit, while a cool, generally linear design is meant to invoke wire diagrams (like those in a cable box.) The only blight keeping the cable gods' offices from the top of the cool office ranks is the truly unfortunate, airport-style carpeting. So do have a peek at the place, but try not to look down.

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