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China's Latest Utopia Plan Boasts Villas Like Hershey Kisses

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Oh, Vincent Callebaut, you dreamworld-concocting son of a gun. First the world glimpsed your meandering lily pad scheme, then your cairn "farmscrapers" plan, and now? Now you're suggesting another wackadoo shangri-la, this one a collection of 45 "villas" in—where else?—China. If built (hahahaha), the Belgian architect's so-called Flavours Orchard development would lope across 22 acres in the form of 45 villas of three "distinct architectural typologies," as Design Boom so self-seriously writes: "mobius," "mountain," and "shell," all of which meld "the advantages of both urban and rural living."

By way of photovoltaic (solar) panels, thermal panels, and geothermal heat exchangers, these buildings, heavily insulated with triple-glazed windows, would generate more renewable energy than they will consume. Plus, the "mobius" buildings provide an "endless ribbon" of farmed patios and much of the relatively clean wastewater that comes from washing machines and sinks is recaptured in lagoons to use for agricultural irrigation and toilet flushing. But, then again, that's all old hat for all wide-eyed cities of the future.

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