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Old-School Home in Oregon is as Cozy as a Trip to Grandma's

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Built by an original Oregon pioneer family between 1882 and 1885, this charmingly vintage farmhouse in Molalla, Ore. is newly on the market for $595K. Boasting 32 acres of farm land, the five-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot home maintains much of its original detailing and, honestly, almost looks like a preserved relic from the past—thanks to the the aggressively floral, grandmotherly decor. Despite the fact that the brokerbabble promises that "all important upgrades" have been taken care of, buyers looking for sleek, minimalist decor and state of the art appliances are probably not going to see the appeal here. Still, those who can appreciate some good old fashioned furnishing—and can look past a slightly spooky doll collection—should go ahead and have a look:
· 14900 S Macksburg rd, Molalla, OR [Estately]