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Come Play House in an NYC Loft Where Everything's For Sale

Created by stylists Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn, this dreamy loft space in NYC houses one of the most unique shopping experiences around, in that it basically invites shoppers (by appointment only, of course) to come and spend an afternoon lounging in an apartment where every single item is for sale, right down to the $55 water glasses. Called The Apartment, this brick and mortar "clubhouse" is an extension of an e-commerce site called the Line, which specializes in very beautiful and even more expensive fashion and decor. Case in point, one corner of the the deceptively unfussy loft alone offers $1,760 Czech-designed chandeliers, collector's item couches, and $2,125 yak wool throws. Not exactly Ikea showroom fare.

It helps that these covetable, "storied" items have such a grand, light-filled apartment, built in 1872 by cast-iron architecture master Isaac F. Duckworth, as their backdrop. The downtown space boasts sky high ceilings, huge windows, and intricate, original moldings—all of which make a nice setting for the wallet-emptying goods to be had. Remodelista has more shots, right this way.

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