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How to Decorate Like a '70s Broadcaster in 20 Easy Steps

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In the last few months, the ridiculous digs of the country's most famous midcentury broadcasters have made tidal waves in the outlandish homes circuit, as photos of Bob Hope's famous John Lautner-designed Palm Springs spread, listed for $50M $34M, have splashed onto the scene. Other properties to join in: Hope's $27.5M L.A. pad, American Top 40 host Casey Kasem's SoCal Xanadu, and, of course, Dick Clark's Flintstones-inspired Malibu haunt, now going for just $3M. To fête all the glorious weirdness of these properties, the natural byproduct of creating gazillionaires in the decoratively raucous '70s, here's how you, too, can emulate the most bizarre trends of a 1970s legend.

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