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Seattle Boat House Comes Back to Life as a Vacation Cottage

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Formerly a weather-beaten 1950s boat house, this renovated Seattle, Wash. "weekend getaway cottage" got a second life thanks to the local firm Bosworth Hoedemaker, who transformed the place into a minimalist retreat right on the shores of Lake Hood. The secluded spot actually didn't need much renovation done to the exterior, save for refinishing the massive sliding double doors that run parallel to each other on two sides of the house. The inside, however, received a more complete makeover—with simple wooden walls and ceilings and a totally new sleeping loft that's accessible via retractable ladder. What sets this renovation tale apart from the world's many cool re-dos is the fact that the little structure can still serve as boat storage thanks to the versatile, open floor plan. Have a look, below:

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