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Nature Explodes Indoors at Google's New Malaysian HQ

In an effort to remind the world that they're the true OGs of wacky office design, Google just hired global firm M Moser Associates—also responsible for the paint-splattered Sherwin Williams HQ—to redesign the workspace for their Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia team. Previously scattered across across one floor of an office building, the new design works to bring the entire team together and to foster a spirit of community. Emphasis was also put on using cultural references to dictate design choices—including choosing batik fabrics to upholster the furniture and calling upon the area's topographical features as inspiration. "We used a lot of different elements that relate specifically to Malaysia, but in an abstract way," says project leader Ramesh Subramaniam. "That's why the boardroom is a cave, complete with stalactites, while the meeting rooms adjoining the cafe area are designed to respectively evoke a beach and a forest. Foliage bursts right out of the walls and even the ceiling of the cafe itself, evoking the wildness of a rainforest."

Besides the wilderness murals and themed rooms, a playful mix of modern and vintage decor furnishes the industrial setting. It's the truly unexpected (well, unexpected for a normal office) perks, though—like playground swings in the lounge area, a pink minibus juice bar stationed in the cafe, and a deconstructed, locally-made car converted into a cozy hangout—that make the space feel undeniably google-like. "There's always an element of surprise in this office," concludes Ramesh."You just never know what's around the corner or at the end of the corridor." With that in mind, do have a look at Indesign Live's full gallery, this way.

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