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Take a Groovy Look Inside Mumbai's 'Organic House'

"Frodo meets Gaudi" is how one commenter describes the curvaceous interior of Mumbai's Organic House, an apartment by Mumbai-based design studio The White Room, which has ceilings as arched as and smooth as a hobbit's cob home, with a bit of the Spanish master's flair for the dramatic. There's hardly a straight line in the place, aside from the ones formed by the diagonal floor and ceiling tiles, and despite the contemporary touches, the massive stone slab bar top between the living room and kitchen looks right at home. Another fitting way of characterizing this tribute to mother nature might be "totally rad."

The centerpiece of 700-square-foot apartment is a long, curved, contemporary sofa, the wraps around the living room, backlit by a large, rounded picture window, of the same woodgrain used in the bedroom floor, the cabinetry, and the groovy custom bed. The teal tiles in the kitchen and one of the bathrooms do a great job of livening up the place, especially with the addition of a few bright, candy-colored murals. Freshome has the full set of photos, courtesy of The White Room.

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