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Ghost Gear, Sea Junk, & the Future of Coastal Restoration

OAK BLUFFS - Let's bowl (almost)! "Monday night, the Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC) Land Use Planning Committee (LUPC) unanimously agreed to recommend, with conditions, developer Sam Dunn's proposed bowling alley and entertainment center in Oak Bluffs." [Martha's Vineyard Times]

PROVINCETOWN - On Tuesday, PTown fishermen pulled up "ghost gear" and other potentially dangerous sea junk from the bottom of the ocean, including: "47 traps, a marine battery, a toilet bowl, a mucky steel boom, and piles and piles of rope and nets." The grant from US Fish & Wildlife will fund 12 boat trips from MacMillan Pier. [Cape Cod Times]

CHILMARK - To the beach! "An emerging plan to reconfigure the town beachfront at Squibnocket by moving the parking lot, rebuilding the roadway and taking out a stone revetment could be a model for future coastal restoration projects, a Woods Hole scientist said in a report released this week." The findings will be presented in a public meeting on March 11 at the Chilmark Library. [Vineyard Gazette]