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Vegas King Steve Wynn's NYC Pad is Oddly Normal-Looking

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Architectural Digest just published the Manhattan pied-à-terre of Vegas tycoon Steve Wynn—the mastermind behind such strip staples as the Mirage and the Bellagio—unveiling a high-ceiling'd, Park-adjacent pad that's oddly homey, a surprise coming from a man who's made megabucks ramping up hotel splendor to Vegas' unbridled standards. Yes, there's a large amount of eye-popping art (including a giant Willem de Kooning painting in the living room, below), but it's all embedded into a baby-soft neutral palette accented with—by golly—blue-and-white plaid. Only in the dining room—this way— do we get a peek into the nigh-cheesy dramatics for which his primary place of residence is famous.

Wynn had not intended to snag a place this big—it is, after all, just a place for he and his wife to stay amidst East Coast meetings—but couldn't resist the apartment's 16.5-foot ceilings and location at the foot of Central Park. The kicker: the building wasn't as protected by city officials, so he could make major structural changes without climbing through red tape. He called on long-time business consort Roger Thomas, executive vice president of design for Wynn Design & Development, to make the renovations, mostly decorative bits that spotlighted Wynn's "world-class artworks," as AD writes, a collection that includes pieces by Picasso (as seen in the billiard room, top), Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol. This seems to have translated to an excess of mirror, which, when combined with blue gingham curtains, gives the digs a sort of '90s-chic aesthetic.

The plaid seen in the billiard room and master bedroom is alpaca designed by wine-country familiar Sandra Jordan, and it's been turned into a throw blanket for the bed, as well as window curtains, and upholstery for a pair of reclining chairs. For more photos, head on over to Arch Digest's piece.

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