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Here's How Rich Art Dealers Do Up Their $17M Apartments

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Considering the world of high-end real estate is overwhelmed with Swarovski crystals, buffalo leather floors, and other things that make interiors, as one commenter recently wrote, "depressingly neutral yet surprisingly tacky at the same time," it's refreshing to see an expensive piece of property done up with personality—even if that personality is a bit of an odd duck. Spotted over at Curbed NY, this listing on the 66th floor of NYC's Time Warner condo building in Columbus Circle is going for $16.95M. Who's responsible for its rainbow-glam interiors? Tobias Meyer, the former head of contemporary art at Sotheby's. Seen inside: murals by Brazilian artist Assume VIvid Astro Focus and striped carpeting by Stark. More shots, below.

Head over to Curbed NY for the complete set.

· Art Dealer Lists Crazy Colorful Time Warner Pad For $17M [Curbed NY]