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Atlanta's Trendy Shipping Container Home Wants $459K

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While shipping containers have made quite a name for themselves as a the "it" building material du jour—think offices, spas, artist communes, and beyond—this Atlanta, Ga. listing made from triple-stacked, reinforced steel boxes still manages to stand out, thanks to the downright prettiness it conceals behind its industrial facade. Measuring in at about 1,800 square feet, the slim, white Container House 2.0 is asking $459K, and offers amazing views and what Curbed Atlanta calls a "cutting-edge modern design." Inside, the industrial feel of the place is softened by warm, neutral-colored decor, sunny, floor-to-ceiling windows, dark-stained oak floors, and three luxe bedrooms. Other perks include a two-car garage, an outdoor deck, and pre-wired solar panels. Find a few shots below, then head over to Curbed Atlanta for the full gallery.

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