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Old South Road Update; Hyannis Fire Station Gets Axed

NANTUCKET - Old South Road changes go on sabbatical: "Phil Pastan, who has major commercial-development plans for Old South Road, this week said he will not ask voters to approve a pair of warrant articles at the April 5 Annual Town Meeting that would exempt two properties from the 20,000-square-foot cap on commercial- building size in the neighborhood." [Inquirer & Mirror; image via Richmond Great Point Development]

HYANNIS - The new Hyannis fire station proposal went up in smoke last night: "During a special meeting of the Hyannis Fire District at Barnstable High School on Wednesday night, 210 residents voted in favor of the $19.8 million plan and 169 voted against it, but supporters failed to achieve the 254 vote supermajority required to pass the spending measure." [Cape Cod Times]