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Six Very Different, Very Fabulous NYC Houses of the '40s

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Welcome back to Monochromes, a Friday mini-series wherein Curbed delves deep into the Library of Congress's photographic annals, resurfacing with an armful of old black-and-white photos of architecture and interior design of yesteryear. Have a find you want to share? Hit up the tipline; we'd love to hear from you.

Plucked today from the government's Gottscho-Schleisner Collection: half a dozen glorious midtown Manhattan pads of the 1940s—from a peek inside the Ritz Tower to residences on Park Ave. In all, it's kind of jolting how normal such prime real estate appeared, particularly considering that much of that area is now occupied by gazillionaire businessmen and oligarchs. Enjoy!

William M. Bellamy's residence at 23 E. 39th St.

Mary Martin's residence at 1022 5th Ave.

Melvin Rivard's residence at 122 E. 37th St.

Martin Kahn's residence at the Ritz Tower on 57th St.

Sidney Ross's residence at 784 Park Ave.

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