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Inside Billionaire Richard Branson's Yacht, Now Up For Rent

The 105-foot-long yacht owned by Virgin—the, uh, UK company, that is—mogul Richard Branson is now available for personal charter trips. Necker Belle, as the sailing catamaran is called, is named after the area Branson most oft cruised it: his obscenely giant private isle in the Caribbean called Necker Island. As he writes: "The experience on board is not unlike a mobile version of Necker Island, my home and favourite hideaway." Weekly charter rates start at $110K, which sounds expensive, but consider this: it can accommodate up to 10 guests, so it's really only $11,000 a person. Actually, though, considering the kind of luxury you can get for that much on an island, that seems mighty pricey for a week bobbing at sea. Plus, it's not even the nicest yacht out there.

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