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1938 Texas Bungalow Gets Sharpened With a 'Modern Edge'

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Photos via Houzz

Houzz today features a 1938 bungalow in Austin, Texas, that's been brightened and modernized inside and out. Out with the olive green walls and dark cabinetry, in with the stark whites and wood paneling. It uses up some of the most current home tropes: open shelving where there was once kitchen cupboards, white-out painted shiplap walls, and an overall exactingly honed homeyness. "We wanted to keep the bungalow feel but have everything be sharper inside, with a modern edge," the owner tells Houzz.

"We struggled throughout to insert interesting, clean-line elements as we went along but keep it traditional in its presentation to the neighborhood," says the owner about the exterior paint job (above). "And that ended up being an interesting tension. A good kind of tension."

Photos via Houzz

In the kitchen, the remodelers enlarged the windows and brought in pale blue cabinets. The space used to be covered in pine horizontal planks, but they decided to cover most of it, leaving the wall leading to the dining room exposed for greater effect. "It's a real pretty wood. Seemed like we ought to leave it somewhere," the owner says.

More shots, over at Houzz.

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