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Drop Everything and Check Out This Charming $618K Eichler

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A newcomer to the market for $618K, this utterly charming San Jose, Calif. listing was built by none other than the much-loved Joseph Eichler back in 1954. Like all of Eichler's coveted properties, the 1,123-square-foot home offers a shallow A-frame roof, a single-story build, and a whole lot of cool mahogany paneling—accented by what the brokerbabble calls "designer colors for a modern look." Overall, updates and renovations seem to be wonderfully sparse, with only the remodeled bathrooms and new kitchen appliances popping out as obvious updates, and the other low slung living spaces and three bedrooms left as is in all their Midcentury modern glory. Compared to most Eichler listings that flash on and off the market, this one also happens to be way more affordable, so do take a peek, below:

· 810 Goodwin Ave, San Jose, CA [Eichler For Sale]