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Come Stroll Through Zaha's Swooping Neighborhood in Milan

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It seems that between designing children's hospital housing, space-age superyachts, and Olympic stadiums, swoop savant Zaha Hadid somehow also found the time to complete seven residential buildings for Milan's Citylife project—an ambitious new neighborhood based on master plans by Arata Isozaki & Associates, controversial architect Daniel Libeskind, and her own studio. Despite the collaborative nature of the project, though, there's no way to miss that these smooth, amorphous buildings are a thoroughly Zaha production—with all the curvy, alienesque calling cards her work is known for. Ranging from five to 14 stories, the undulating buildings are sheathed in fiber concrete and natural wood panels—somewhat similar to her recent Ronald McDonald House interiors—with multiple terraces and submarine-style windows lining the sides.

Inside, the units range from two-room studios to large family apartments, and employ a rather narrow design that looks much simpler and less, well, Zaha, than the exterior. Take a closer look, right this way.

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