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Own One of LA's Gesner Boathouses For a Paltry $649K

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Built in 1959 on a steep hillside in LA's Cahuenga Pass, these Harry Gesner-designed "boathouses" are more than just mid-century modern lookers. How many other homes can carry the claim that they were shaped by Norwegian shipbuilders who hung 60 feet in the air and wielded super-sharp handaxes? As if that origin story weren't enough, street cred-wise, their designer was essentially architecture's version of the Most Interesting Man in the World. Curbed LA's abridged version of Gesner's resume includes "survivor of Normandy, raider of Ecuadorian tombs, master of water spots, and elbow-rubber of Hollywood legends like Marlon Brando"; he also once turned down a chance to study with Frank Lloyd Wright. One of these beauts, which was previously owned by preacher-turned-standup comedian Sam Kinison from the early '80s until his death in 1992, just hit the market for at complete steal, at only $649K, while another of the 1,200-square-foot two-bedroom homes is asking $2,950 a month in rent. Enjoy the sweet, sweet sight of ergonomic Norwegian-influenced 1950s design below, and head to Curbed LA for the lowdown on each.

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