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Of Course Kelly Wearstler Put Marble in Her Beach House

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Severed-hand-enthusiast Kelly Wearstler, the excessively beloved maximalist interior designer to the stars, is known for dunking even the most banal of spaces in a vat of rock-and-roll noir so they emerge laden with marble and, you know, lighting fixtures that look like deep-sea creatures. It's just her thing—and she's fantastic at it. So it's no surprise that, when InStyle took a tour of her Malibu beach house, the magazine came back with photos of marble-covered walls, fish-scale-pattern leather chaise lounges, a chandelier "that resembles seaweed washed up on the shore," and an oversized wooden artist's model. Where most people go for a more casual feel for their beach houses, Wearstler's is just as impeccable and glamorous as any other space she's designed—though there's less black and more sandy hues here, one must admit.

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