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The Port X Project Gives Modular Housing Its Sea Legs

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Now that modular design has conquered the realm of adorable tree houses, made London cheaper for young people, and introduced the world to the pared-down honeycomb cabin, is there anything that building with prefabricated modules can't accomplish? With Port X, the architects at Atelier SAD have brought modular construction to as-of-yet untested waters; namely, the waters of Prague's Vltava River. Designed to be be easily added to, reduced, transported, and reproduced, Port X is a floating home prototype built to, as described by the architects, defy "all deeply rooted notions of a house or houseboat."

"It floats on water," continues the project description. "It stands on the ground. It's a house. It's a houseboat. It's an original piece of tech design combining wood, laminate and curves." Port X is a lot of things apparently—let's not forget "harbour of thoughts of a free life" and "inspired by the idea of living hedonism"—but technically, it's a set of residential modules atop a pontoon attached to the shore via cables and a footbridge. Built taco-style, as a concave C-shaped shelter, the prototype is made of traditional boatbuilding materials, with a water-facing side that opens up, turning it into a sort of floating open-air terrace.

So far, the project has been used for a variety art and design-related events and exhibitions. (Maybe that's where the "hedonism" comes in?) These days, the Port X team is taking orders, as well as collaborating with other architects to find further applications for the project. No complaints here; the world could always more handsome buoyant abodes.

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