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This, Like, Totally Radical Portal to the '80s Wants $750K

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Somebody get the owners of this Scottsdale three-bedroom on a VH1 special, because they sure do love the '80s. Pay no heed to what the listing describes as "over $100,000++ of improvements since 2005"; the flame trails left by Doc. Brown's DeLorean burn ever brightly here. Aside from all the flashy, angular furniture, the first dead giveaway is the abundance of taupe, cut with glossy black and the occasional shiny metallic fixture. But there's also the shapely patterning on the "limited edition" tiles, the popping pastels, the half of the living room that looks like it was designed by Prince (mauve on the walls, mauve on the overstuffed couch). Add to that the abundance of mirrors, the semicircular chair backs, the hints of neon, and the occasional glass furniture piece, and nearly every box on the imaginary bingo card of '80s design trends has been checked off, x'ed out, and scribbled over. Last sold in 1996 for $342K, this 2,800-square-foot three bedroom wants $750K for a haven of "distinctive, contemporary flair." Contemporary, not so much, but distinctive? Most definitely.

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