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Surprise! An Airy Cabin is Hiding Behind This Metal Façade

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From the outside, the corrugated aluminum façade of this so-called House for Mother in Linköping, Sweden doesn't exactly look like the most inviting of little homes to gift to Mom. Slick and austere as it may appear, though, the remarkably cozy interiors offer a remarkably different vibe—with an exposed timber structure, walls lined with a warm plywood, and plenty of natural light from well placed windows and skylights. Technically, the 1,399-square-foot home is made up of two connected volumes, the smaller of the two housing the lofted bedrooms and a double height studio, and the larger accommodating an open dining and living room. Also hiding inside the surprising dwelling? Why that would be a wee little bonus cabin, which just so happens to be the biggest trend du jour. This particular interior hut houses the home's laundry room and very adorable, charcoal-colored kitchen nook. Go ahead a take a look inside, below:

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