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These Kooky Homes Were Built to Live In Parking Garages

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A team of students from Savannah College of Art and Design has considered the parking garages of the world and found them wanting. These structures spend most of the time below capacity, or so the reasoning goes, so why not fill them with wackily decorated parking space-sized micro homes? Undergrads at the SCAD School of Building Arts have spent the better part of a year developing three SCADpad prototypes, appointed, like other trailer-based tiny homes, with the same amenities you'd find in a small studio. Now, to test them out, three students will live in them for the next three months in a parking garage on the SCAD satellite campus in Atlanta.

"Parking decks are a building type that's often overlooked, but it may actually be the next frontier for adaptive reuse," explains Christian Sottile, dean of the SCAD School of Building Arts, to Co.Exist. "SCADpad is designed by millennials for millennials, and that provides this really interesting laboratory for experimentation. You've got this enormous population group--78 million plus--and 88% of them want to be in an urban setting." The garage currently housing the prototypes could hold up to 400 units, and the team has calculated that making switching over to housing could double revenues while offering apartments at 40 percent below the median rent in major cities. Considering that the under thirty set is ditching car ownership in droves, could parking garages be next thing in millennial-friendly housing?

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