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World's Oddest Apartment Has Searingly Neon... Everything

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What happens when you give a bunch of design students free rein to decorate an apartment as they see fit? Apparently, they'll collectively create what has to be the weirdest, most surreal collection of candy-colored, 3D walled rooms possible. At the very least, that's what the artsy pupils of the Geneva University of Art and Design (called HEAD) seemed to have in mind when they constructed Conversation Pieces, an "exploratory apartment" installation resented at this year's Milan Design Week. Made up of a jumbled, monochromatic pink living room, a panic room, a paper-lined snow cave bedroom, and a half-built entry way made entirely of raw wood—to name just a few—the goal of the large-scale project is to explore "how certain objects are able to generate a dialogue and modify interpersonal relationships between others." Take a closer look at the discourse-inducing rooms below, then head over to Design Boom for the full gallery.

· HEAD students design conversation pieces for apartment full of surprises [Design Boom]