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Dragon-Shaped Home Made From Redwood Tanks Asks $210K

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"One of a kind" gets thrown around in listings like brokerbabble confetti, but in the case of this $210K Cazadero, Calif. home—known as Wood Castle to locals—the tired real estate descriptor is an absolute fit. Built from three massive Redwood tanks and formed into "the shape of a dragon," the 1,720-square-foot home extends down a sloping, forest lined piece of property in a narrow string of rooms—each with its own thatched roof and stained glass detailing. Since the woodland palace was built back in 1969, the interiors—which offer one bedroom, a make-shift sleeping loft, a dining area, and "lots of spots to reflect or play"—could use a whole of updating, and maybe, say, a bit of furniture. Over all, though, the livable dragon is a quirky little treasure. Take a look, this way:

· 9488 Ben Way, Cazadero, CA [Redfin]