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Powder Magazine Calls for an End to Snow-Separatism

Derek Taylor from Powder Magazine just wants everyone to get along. In a piece posted today, Taylor calls for Alta, Deer Valley, and Mad River Glen to allow snowboarding, foregoing a controversial policy that keeps stick shredders off the mountain. The snowboarding-skiing debate received fresh fodder recently when four snowboarders backed by the snow sports advocacy group Wasatch Equality filed a lawsuit in January that would force Alta to allow snowboarding. You can check out all the lawsuit drama over here, but Curbed Ski thinks Taylor's piece in Powder is worth a read. In sum, Taylor writes, "You'd be hard-fought to find two sports, two cultures that are more similar than skiing and snowboarding. Our equipment is made in the same factories, of the same materials. We live in the same towns, drink at the same bars, wear the same clothes, date, have sex, get married, and have little inter-glisse kids together. We chase the same storms, for the same reasons, and when they hit, we travel to the same places. That is, except three." Well said, Taylor. What do you think Curbediverse? Can we all just get along? (except you, snowbladers. That shit's just dumb).
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