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Watch Hyper-Realistic Rooms Get Stuffed Into Water Bottles

Just when you think marketing people can't produce anything more mind-boggling, just when you think you've seen it allIkea commuter trains, stainless steel appliances in birdhouses, vegetable cities, life-sized dollhouses, etc.—in comes Japanese beer company Kirin, who just nonchalantly drops a video that shows miniatures masters crafting staggeringly detailed rooms—kitchens, workshops, tea studios—inside plastic bottles. At 1/48th scale.

Like many other miniatures—be they of French ateliers, starchitecture, or bloodied factories—the money is in the realism: worn and well-stocked fridges a centimeter wide, a rusted double sink the size of your pinky nail, and a universe of tiny fruit baskets, propane tanks, mugs, electrical cables, and, of course, sushi. It's all to promote Kirin's Salt & Fruit beverage, which comes in the same plastic bottle.

Watching the dirty sinks get stacked in the sink, eggs placed in the fridge door, strainers hung on the wall, and bottles of soy sauce lined on the shelf is nothing short of amazing, so do have a watch:

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