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Thailand's Cartoony Villas Rally Against Minimalist Beach Pads

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Perhaps built as a rebuttal to all those all-white, pile 'o boxes beach houses popping up, the Iniala Beach House— a cluster of villas that form one swanky resort in Phuket, Thailand—stands aggressively in favor of lavish, almost cartoony architecture. These two side by side huts built by Madrid based architecture firm A-cero, for example, were both formed to look like massive, surreal seashells, gently curving toward a shared infinity pool and patio.

Inside, the two rooms are made from natural, locally-sourced wood and affixed with freestanding, white polycarbonate beams, swooping horizontal in one room and vertical in another, so as to create a "ying and yang"—according to lead architects Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares. The sea-facing wall of each room is capped in floor-to-ceiling windows with slightly slanted, over-sized doorways. Take a closer look, right this way.

· Iniala Beach House Interiors by A-cero [Contemporist]