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Big Reveal: How Much for a Turnkey Nantucket Estate?

And, now, the answer to last week's asking price guessing game.

Location: 3 Capaum Pond Road, Nantucket
Asking Price: $6,995,000
The Skinny: Last week, we headed to Nantucket for our PriceSpotter asking price guessing game. So just how much does a turnkey estate on the Cliff go for? Wicked smart voters handed the gold to the most expensive possibility and actual $6,995,000 price tag. Meanwhile, a tipster wrote in to let us know that the spread is owned by New York City real estate scion and broker Michael Lorber. The former Million Dollar Listing New York star owns homes in New York City, Boston, Nantucket, and Palm Beach and, according to our tipster, 3 Capaum Pond Road is featured on Mr. Lorber's Instagram. Alas, after we spent far too much time playing a game of hipster I Spy ("Look! The front door!"), we checked public records to find the place is owned by 2 Avery St LLC, the address of the Ritz-Carlton Residences where Mr. Lorber beds down in Beantown. So there's that. Have a listing you'd like to see as a Pricespotter? Send us an email or leave it in the comments. As always, anonymity is guaranteed.
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